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we would like to suggest to you visitor some interesting links for old motorcycle enthusiasts, plus a list of links and links to links all about motorcycle we have found interesting in the web

any useful suggestion will be gratefully appreciated, links, addresses, what you like to tell us - no badwords, thanks! -

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old racing spare parts

if you are a ducati bevel lovers, owner or restorer, this is your wonderland: plenty of new unobtainable spare parts for twins and singles, special parts, tune kits, fiberglass pattern parts, too much to list, a look is certainly worth!  



lambretta house, is the reference place for those scooter-addicted fans : spare parts, accessories, manuals everything for your lambretta, useful technical specifications for all Lambrettas available online, great Vittorio!

very nice site dedicated to this old Guzzi 3-wheeler, interesting also for those who still doesn't like those old machines....

hans smid

a dutch great friend of motomanuali, serious collector and restorer of '60ies and '70ies superbikes; he collects literature as well. He regularly writes for a dutch old motorcycles magazine. His site is really worth a visit!!

cappellini moto 

the italian master for Honda CB 450 DOHC production  racers. He build a variety of racing special parts for these Honda twins of the sixties, and a look at his site is always pleasant , you can see below the picture taken off from his site of his favourite bike: BRAVO Franco!

an interesting directory with hundreds of interesting links, for all tastes and needs, a visit is worth....a whole night spent!


our motorcity friends made a good job, exhaustive sites listing, well sorted and useful: let's spend the night together...

motorbike search engine

Motorcycle Search Engine

some our  friends from UK are managing this very interesting, new and updated, motorcycle-related search engine, which is linked to motomanuali too. We suggest to use it for your personal motorcycling needs a visit there is always worth! connected to the same mainframe are the following search engines websites: - Classic Motorcycles - Motorbike Breakers - Motorcycle Parts - Motorcycle News - Motorcycle Website Design

cycle garden

our Guzzi friends from U.S.A. have a lot of interesting things and options on their site - always something new to show, have a look!


nice site from UK related to vintage bikes fine to explore for bike reviews


a fantastic Dutch old motorcycle shop, similar more to a museum than a regular shop for the beauty of the show and the care of the organization - they have also a very fascinating site, a visit there is for sure worth!

nice guys dealing with fairings, useful site if you like to scratch on bends your fairing...

Motorcycle Breakers

Bike-Breakers. Info- instantly sends your request to the UK's leading breakers

collezione giappone

and last but not least, another exotic site from Far East, Japan!  mostly dedicated to old Ducati motorcycles but not only, our friend Hideki made a lot of work and efforts to put this site among the best visited in Japan, a visit is worth for sure!